We want you to experience the best of both worlds. Reliable, Fast and Affordable self-catering hosting solutions, augmented by an engineering team that has earned their tracks in some of the most challenging environments available.

You have found the right place for both a valuable self-catering cloud solution and a full service managed hosting environment delivered to you with a dedicated private cloud.

Cloudcontainers is a service offered by Initworks b.v., a cloud hosting provider based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Who is using our service?

Large companies with internal IT

The internal IT facilities their departmental clients who require all sorts of projects, sometimes for proof of concepts, sometimes for mission critical applications. The internal IT department can facilitate the projects by creating containers based on the specific needs. Larger dynamic projects are a perfect match for our SSD high compute resources and our HDD offering fitted seamlessly with their large static archive requirements.

Customers with high volume applications

Our platform handles several campaign applications, for one such app our environment handles over 6 billion mails sent per annum. To deliver a successful campaign high volume data management and high performance are required when needed. When a successful campaign hits over a 1000 requests per second you will want to be able to upscale your processing facilities instantly. Both vertically and horizontally!

Customers looking for a simple solution

Many of our customers require a simple solution for an small scale requirement. Our dashboard truly is an easy to use intuitive and direct interface, easily beating the complex UI’s our competitors like Azure and Amazon use.