Both our public and private cloud services provide a wide variety of benefits to your business: better access to data, connecting to cloud-based applications and solutions, increased flexibility, cost savings, and so much more. In the end, most often the deciding factor boils down to budget. The question though, won’t be whether or not to use the cloud, rather which is right for you right now?

Public cloud


A public cloud is based on shared physical hardware which is owned and operated by us, the infrastructure is shared by our customers.  One of the main benefits that come with using public cloud services is the ease of scalability. For small and medium-sized businesses in general, scalability is pay-as-you-go. The resources are  offered ‘on demand’ so any changes in activity level can be handled very easily. This, in turn, brings with it cost-effectiveness. Thanks to the pooling of a large number of resources, users are benefiting from the savings of large-scale operations.


With our container service you are not locked into fixed instance configurations, leaving you free to allocate exactly the CPU, RAM and Disk you need for each server. Such control over aspects of usage means a lessened chance of bill shock and greater efficiency. You can rarely go wrong with a Public Cloud due to its scalability and affordable set-up.


Private Cloud


Our private cloud allows you nearly all the same benefits of the public cloud, but more so.

The transition from physical to virtual servers leads to better flexibility, which is one of the most alluring benefits of cloud computing. The ability to spin up and tear down a server in a matter of minutes is incredibly powerful and useful. No longer is there any wasted effort in trying to size a server beforehand when you can create a server on the fly. Need more disk space? More RAM? More CPU? No problem. With private cloud computing, you can reallocate resources in moments without worrying about finding a physical server that will have the resources your new server needs.


Private cloud services offer additional benefits for business users, including more control over the server. This allows it to be tailored to your own preferences and in-house styles.

Most notably, the private cloud can provide a greater level of security, making it ideal for larger businesses, or businesses that handle HIPAA or financial data and require PCI compliance. With a private cloud, this can be achieved while still allowing the organization to benefit from cloud computing.