Well, it depends on what you are looking for, so lets see some different reasons why:

Easy to deploy

It’s easy to deploy a container or virtual machine. Yes we easily beat the big brands on ease of use, so if you are in need of a typical hosting environment you will get it done the fastest on Cloudcontainers.

Designed for cloud apps

Cloudcontainers is designed for cloud apps. Via our customer portal you can hammer out up to ten containers in one go, via our API you can deploy, destroy and resize as many as you want when you want. Let’s consider SolR cloud as an example, we'll go for three shards each with three replica's and deploy them to small containers. Creating nine containers will happen in under a minute. Configuring the nodes will take an hour or two and you can have this example up and running for €90,- per month.


Cloud containers is affordable, we offer computing power at very sharp rates. You pay an hourly rate as and when you go. We offer a range of sizes, allowing you to precisely match your needs, as an example: A micro container is available to you for €2,50 per month, this boils down to €0,0034 per hour.

New world technology

We solve old world problems with new world technology. Many worries about information security? They can be dealt with using cloud technologies! Is your software license killing you? Perhaps consider a purpose built distributed storage application for your next project. Use Mongo, Redis and SolR cloud and greatly enhance your information availability at a vastly reduced cost.

So from a technical point of view, why choose cloudcontainers?

More efficiency

Cloudcontainers deploy without the overhead a VM typically brings. As such, much smaller containers can be deployed to precisely fit your needs.

Flexible storage

Containers can be resized live, no reboot required. From our smallest to largest offering and back again.

More power

When your container requires more processing, simply burst the container's CPU capacity for as long as you require.


Snapshotting allows you to revert to previous situations in no time. Snapshots can be scheduled and created manually. Even more special: snapshots are directly mounted in your container delivering instant readonly file access.

High performance

Linux images can securely run on containers on bare metal, excellent performance, maximal elasticity with dynamic resize without down time.

Built-in networking

User-defined networking makes it easy to create private networks. Per instance integrated firewalling isolate and safeguard your containers against external threats.

Infrastructure monitoring

Live stats provide real-time performance monitoring that you can use to discover bottlenecks in cloud and container infrastructure.

Built-in security

Zone technology allows full container isolation in a multi-tenant environment. Resource protections insulate containers from noisy neighbours and ensure that each container gets its fair share of system resources.